The Dance and Music Group Katrilli, founded in 1975, is a group of high-quality folk dance and music.

The state of folk dance in Finland had been very bad for a long time, though demand for high-quality dance was rude. Thus, our country's first dance dancer Doris Laine, folk dance teacher Sirkka Viitanen and dance critic Irma Vienola-Lindfors set up Katrill to create high-quality folk performances and cherish traditions.

From the young dancers selected on the basis of admission tests, the first Finnish folk dance group was trained. With two years of basic training, the group created a dance art base that has been continuously developed and diversified throughout the years. Katrilli aims for versatility and therefore the group's software consists of Finnish, Nordic and Finnish folk dances and more recent choreographies based on tradition.

Katrill's ideology has always consisted of seamless cooperation between dance and music. Graduated from the Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department, or long-term students, Katrill has always been chanting. In 1991, the Katrilli Combo Music Group was founded, which continues to function independently as well as the dancing group.

Already since the early days of Katrill, the group has begun to assemble diverse costumes. The costume has played a big role in Katrill: dancers always wear the costumes of the group to create a consistent, unified whole.

Katrilli worked for a long time, with the help of the Ministry of Education, and in 1981 the Katrilli Foundation was established to support the group. However, for economic reasons, the Foundation was abolished in autumn 2002 and since then, the Folk Dance and Music Group Katrilli has continued to function independently in the form of the Youth Club Katrill.

The goals of the group were very high and the group was well advanced, but unfortunately the time was not ripe for Katrill's goals. The dance group developed professionally, but it never became a full-fledged folk dance group, as originally planned. The general vocational training of folk dance started in the wake of Katrill only in the late 1980s, and Katrilli is not only a pioneer of the new folk dance but also a bright group. The group works as an active and high-quality group - Katrill is known as one of the country's most popular folk dance groups.


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