representation Group

Our youthful team consists of active dancers, whose different personalities and strengths together form a successful whole. In our performances, we focus on natural expression, genuine one-minute life, and skillful and spectacular dance. In the latest dance review 2017, the group was named to the highest possible series, the championship series.

The group's software is extensive, including a set of traditional Finnish business and cultural traditions, as well as the most modern dance works that the world combines tradition with today's dancers' own personality. Varied, professional dance teachers and choreographers bring versatility, challenge and interest to the group.

The group regularly trains twice a week and additional exercises are held as needed. Anna-Kristiina Oja and Hilppa Herd teach the dance classes. The group has room for new dancers who are already dancing and want to invest in dance skills and high-quality performances!

The Representative Group appears on order at various events. The group's software will bend into both small and large spaces, from a few minutes to a full concert.


Composition of the Representative Group:

Jaana from Ink
Inkinen Riku
Cheese Sampo
Sarapik Risto
Sainio Karoliina
Bringing Siiri
Anna Voutilainen
Ylitalo Tuomo
Äijö Anna