Founded in 2011, our group, Trilli, dances modern folk dance with style and skill without forgetting the fun. Trilli has also become acquainted with other types of dance such as contemporary dance, jazz and the 20th century Charleston. Trill's software features several choreographs that represent different types of dance: from a flat roll to a tough hamb and through it to contemporary dance. That's why Dance Experience has been in them for many years, and Trilli is ambitiously aiming at precise dance technology and active performance.

A group of girls over the age of 18 will practice once a month intensely in long weekend exercises. The group has been taught for several years by Anna-Kristiina Oja, a dance teacher. Trilli has also collaborated with visiting teachers and choreographers, and Trilli has, for example, got to know Hungarian folk dance.

Trilli has visited many dance events both in Finland and abroad and has participated in classifications. In the summer of 2018, Trilli traveled to Tampere to take part in the Pispalan Sottiisi event and at the beginning of 2019 it will be known to perform on the Folklandia cruise and later in the spring to participate in the folk dance classification with a new whole.

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Trill Dancers:

Nethero Venla
Auranheimo Johanna
Falck Paiju
Kaario Catherine
Singer Aino
Family Annalotta
Rantahalvari Sanna
Rose Sara
Sainio Karoliina
Bringing Siiri
Anna Voutilainen
Joyful Jarna