Youth Club Katrilli ry

We are a youth club in Helsinki that trains and presents traditional Finnish folk dances and Finnish folk dances. In addition to traditional software, we also present new choreographies that combine Finnish folklore, contemporary dance business language and dance theater elements. Our high-quality presentations are based on goodwill, enthusiasm and above all on competence.

Our representative group trains twice a week, on Tuesdays 19: 45-21: 30 and on Thursdays at 19: 20-21: 20. In addition to weekly exercises, the software is also practiced on weekends as needed.

Various, professional folk dance teachers bring versatility, challenge and interest to the group's activities. The group has been guided by eg. Jyrki Lahtinen, Reetta-Kaisa Iles, Timo Saari, Juha-Matti Aronen, Anu Haapoja, Katarina Marjola, Susanna Kivinen, Eero Hietanen, Anu Kokkonen and Salla Korja-Paloniemi. Currently, teachers are Anna Oja and Hilppa Herd.


Our club's performance is active. We have performed at various events and festivals both in Finland and abroad have become familiar to us. As a rule, we perform with live music. In our music group Katrilli Combo are played by Juha Virtanen (MuM), accordions, Kalle Mansikkaniemi, violin, Janne Heikinheimo, cello and bass. In addition, Katrilli organizes her own concerts, maintains lively pr-action and performs on demand.

Order Katrilli to perform!

We tailor your event to your preference and tailor-made program package. Our group's software bends into both small and large spaces, from a few minutes to a full-size concert. Choose a spectacular folk dance as the program number for your event, and the popular dancing and singing performances will also be a great part of the program. Contact us to make your event a memorable one!